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Hey there,

I'm Jinger!

I’m a  Graphic Designer working on growing brands through creative solutions.  I’ve spent 13 years working as an in-house graphic designer for non-profits, tech schools, and convention centers. I love working with small businesses, helping them get branded, and teaching them the skills needed to market their businesses.   


My love of art and design comes from my grandmother, Winabel, who always encouraged me to paint, draw, and be creative. 


I love music, live and recorded, and frequently car dance! I like drinking craft beer and PBR, and can be heard yelling “GO POKES” on Saturdays in the fall. I survive on coffee, eat way too much cake, and can finish a jar of pickles in one sitting. 

Pull up a chair and let’s create a brand that tells the world who you really are.

Because that’s what’s missing... you!